The Benefits

The Benefits of Hand Transplantation

If successful, the appearance of your limb may be improved with a hand transplant.

The transplanted part will be different in size, colour, texture, and amount of hair, compared with your natural hand. We aim however to make the match of these qualities as close as possible and we will discuss with you how much difference between the appearance of the new hand and your original hand you are happy to accept.

Another aim of surgery is to improve the function of your limb. Although, the transplanted hand will not function in exactly the same way as your natural hand.

We hope you will experience a better quality of life and improved self-esteem after hand transplantation.

The Alternatives

It is important to realise that alternatives exist to transplantation from another person. These will be been discussed with you when you attend clinic. Alternatives may include prostheses, transplantation from your own body or no treatment.