Information for the Media

We try very hard to facilitate prompt and accurate responses to queries from the media.

Journalists (including photographers and film-makers) wishing to come on to any of the sites owned by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust must seek permission in advance from the Trust Press Office. This rule also applies to amateur photographers/film-makers and PR or journalism students in training.

Please contact Andrew Bannister, Head of Media Relations,
on 0113 2066244 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is also the number for general media calls and inquiries during office hours (which are normally Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm)
Out of hours, urgent media inquiries
should be directed to our on-call number, 07717 805932.

A separate arrangement exists for patient condition checks for the media, which are handled by the hospital Bed Board on 0113 2065119. Condition checks can only be given when the name and address of the patient is known, and the condition check will usually be a one word response, eg "stable" or "critical" - we cannot enter into discussions about the health of any of our patients. Please note we reserve the right not to give out any information if a patient or family ask us not to do so.

Media And The Hand Transplantation Process

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has a formal agreement with True North Productions who are working with the transplantation team making a background film for the BBC about the hand transplantation process. This is subject to a strict location agreement and patient confidentiality rules.

In addition to this the Trust will be working with other journalists at the right time to promote accurate and factual information about the hand transplantation process and any surgery. The timing and nature of publicity will be subject to the specific circumstances of any surgery and the wishes of the recipient and their family.

More Information

Visit the news and media section of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust website.